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Where To Now

(Kicking A Dead Horse)
The story behind this song is pretty obvious. It's an attempt to capture the chaos and despair....on the emotional roller coaster of a broken relationship.
Words can't kill the beast,
Closing in on me.
No way over,
No way under,
Hurts so bad,
My God, I wonder,
Where to now?
Where to now?
Leaves have turned to gold.
The sad story's told.
Once the love that found us, lost us,
Could not see our way across,
Just where to now?
Where to now?
Gonna stop being afraid of my shadow,
And deal with this pain in my heart.
Gotta give up on working for nothing,
And get myself together,
Before I fall apart.

Words can't kill the beast,
Deep inside of me.
Roads are down that crossed the valley,
No way around,
Won't someone tell me,
When Will I forget the sorrow.
Say goodbye?
Face tomorrow?
Where to now?
Where to now?