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Wishful Thinking

(Kicking A Dead Horse Adrian James: Bass, acoustic guitar, vocals Mike Blythe: Electric guitar Augie Corica: Drums)
Lyrics: Adrian James Music: Adrian James, Mike Blythe, Augie Corica
Blind faith in a dangerous world,
And you know, Life?
It just ain't all it's cracked up to be.
And when it turn out to be something else,
Something completely off the wall...
Then what the hell are you supposed to do?
And the world never cries,
It just keeps on spinning.
It'll throw you off in a heartbeat,
Given half a chance.
Meanwhile, love's the cruel joke,
That keeps us grinning,
Ear to ear,
Like the fools we are,
We are stuck inside this thing we call "ourselves",
Searching for answers,
A sign of a soul,
It makes no sense,
But to say, "it doesn't matter" ,
Is just wishful thinking,
'Cause in the end you'll know,
Just how much you really cared.